Our Plan

Most prospective candidates with statewide electability support are neutral on marriage equality. MERI will work in five main areas to ensure that our next governor will sign a marriage bill into law.

State House Lobbying

MERI 501(c)(4) staff and community volunteers, as well as our partner organizations, will continue to lobby legislators in the State House to build support for equal marriage.

Civic Engagement & Community Organizing

MERI recruits, educates and trains volunteers throughout the state to build support for equal marriage in their communities. We ensure that our members know the importance of voting and their legislators’ position on marriage equality.

Public Education & Media

MERI works to keep the issue of equal marriage in the news, and to teach people why marriage matters. We have grassroots and large-scale media campaigns to reach more people than we can with our direct community organizing.

Electoral Work

To ensure that we have the support to win in the State House, MERI works hard to elect pro-marriage legislators. The entire legislature is up for election every two years, and we have a clear plan to elect more pro-equality candidates in 2012.