Our supporters, friends, sponsors, volunteers, board members and constituents are a diverse group of Rhode Islanders from every walk of life. Meet the people behind MERI.

friends & neighbors

Marriage Equality Rhode Island believes that individual images and testimonies are some of the strongest tools we have to win equal marriage. MERI Friends & Neighbors is our initiative to collect photos and statements in support of marriage equality from our constituents and allies. This goes beyond a simple petition: we want to show the real people behind our cause, as part of our mission to move the hearts and minds of our elected representatives and fellow citizens alike. Go »

staff & directors

The Marriage Equality Rhode Island Staff and Board of Directors is a dedicated and talented group of Rhode Islanders whose purpose is to determine the organization’s mission and sustain its vision. Go »

endorsers & funders

As of April 2008, these organizations and companies endorse Marriage Equality Rhode Island. Go »

partner orgs

Marriage Equality Rhode Island is working hard with our partner organizations to pass equal marriage legislation for all citizens. Go »