Why Marriage?

Our marriage equality talking points addresses some of the more popular arguments against full equality. We also explain why we don't support civil unions. At the heart of our mission is the simple fact that marriage provides legal and economic protections that can’t be obtained otherwise. And it’s not just same-sex couples that benefit: marriage equality has real potential to bolster Rhode Island’s struggling economy. We’ve studied the history of marriage traditions in this country, and make the case that full marriage equality for same-sex couples fits the ever-evolving definition of marriage, and makes sense in our modern, inclusive society.

Talking Points

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about what we’re asking for, why it matters, and why equality benefits us all. We dissect the main complaints and misunderstandings point-for-point. Go »

Civil Unions

We believe that the way to end marriage discrimination is to do just that. Civil unions create a separate status for same-sex couples. Our goal is still full marriage equality. Go »

Legal Aspects of Marriage

Rhode Island law protects and secures married couples and families in hundreds of ways. Here, we outline just a few of the rights and responsibilities currently denied to same-sex couples in Rhode Island. Go »

A History of Marriage

History teaches us that social institutions, political arrangements, and cultural norms must adapt in order to address changing societal circumstances. Marriage, like most other important institutions, has changed over time. Go »