Information for Families

We’ve assembled information about becoming an ally to assist extended family members and straight friends who want to support our movement for equality. We’ve also addressed some of the major questions and concerns you may have about our own families: our children, and the impact that our families may have on schools.

Become an Ally

If you identify as straight or heterosexual, you can still make a difference for equality — even if you don’t have any family or close friends that identify as LGBTQI. Go »

Children of Same-Sex Couples

Same-sex couples in Rhode Island (and elsewhere) are raising children. These children deserve the protections and security that having married parents would bring them. Go »

Marriage Equality & Schools

Schools don’t teach “gay marriage.” Schools reflect the diversity of the student body and are compelled to create a safe, welcoming atmosphere for all of their students, including the children of same-sex parents. Go »