We’ve compiled educational resources, talking points, and information that speaks directly to couples, families with children and the voting public. Discover what marriage equality would mean to thousands of Rhode Island couples and the family, friends, allies and community members that support them.

for RI Voters

Registering to vote is an effective way to exercise your equality as a citizen and to support your belief in marriage equality — by choosing to vote for those who will fight for us at the RI State House and in Congress on the federal level. After Election Day, it’s important to keep in contact with your elected representatives.

why marriage?

Our marriage equality talking points addresses some of the more popular arguments against full equality. We also explain why we don't support civil unions. At the heart of our mission is the simple fact that marriage provides legal and economic protections that can’t be obtained otherwise. And it’s not just same-sex couples that benefit: marriage equality has real potential to bolster Rhode Island’s struggling economy. We’ve studied the history of marriage traditions in this country, and make the case that full marriage equality for same-sex couples fits the ever-evolving definition of marriage, and makes sense in our modern, inclusive society.

Resources for Couples

If you’re in a same-sex relationship and live in Rhode Island, you need to know what your rights are and what options are available to you. In cooperation with our friends at GLAD, we’ve assembled resources to answer your questions about marriage rights, and how to secure basic legal protections.

Info for Families

We’ve assembled information about becoming an ally to assist extended family members and straight friends who want to support our movement for equality. We’ve also addressed some of the major questions and concerns you may have about our own families: our children, and the impact that our families may have on schools.