Rhode Island Faith Leaders Reaffirm Commitment to Marriage Equality

PROVIDENCE - Renewing a long-standing commitment to advocate for all families under their pastoral care, a broad and growing coalition representing more than a dozen welcoming and affirming faith denominations announced its commitment today to continue working to pass marriage equality legislation in Rhode Island.

“The Bible teaches us that we are all God’s children - created in His image - with an obligation to love and serve one another in this world. It is in that spirit of faith and tolerance that I’m proud to announce that a coalition of more than 100 clergy, representing 13 different denominations, is being engaged to help lead the fight to win marriage equality,“ said Rev. Gene Dyszlewski, an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and chair of the Rhode Island Religious Coalition for Marriage Equality.

Dyszlewski said his group will focus on “building an an active grassroots network of Rhode Islanders who believe that all loving, committed couples should be recognized, respected and treated equally under the law.“

“No one church or leader represents all persons of faith, and it’s important to recognize that the legislation currently before the General Assembly speaks specifically to civil marriage. Faith organizations that do not affirm same-sex relationships will in no way be required to do so when this bill becomes law. However, for those of us who do lead welcoming and affirming faiths, it will finally remove a long-standing obstacle to our pastoral care - and allow us to minister equally to all families in our community,“ said Dyszlewski.

“Jesus welcomed all to His table and so, as faith leaders for equality, we hope to walk on the path He set for us - living by His example - and affirming his commitment to tolerance and justice,“ Dyszlewski said.


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