Resolved to win

All of us at MERI have just one New Year’s resolution: Do whatever it takes to pass marriage equality in 2013.

Here’s what we know as of today: The Speaker of the House has promised to move this important civil rights legislation forward in the next few weeks, and the Senate President has committed to allowing a first-ever committee vote. We’re getting closer, but there’s a lot of hard work that needs to get done if we’re finally going win this thing.

We also know that our opponents, the so-called National Organization for Mariage, have their top hired gun, Frank Schubert, ready to drop into Rhode Island to derail all the mometum you’ve worked to build in this last year. Don’t let him, fight back against their anti-gay agenda with a tax-deductable year end contribution of just $20.13 right now.

In 2012, we made ground-shifting progress. We worked with the Governor to enact an executive order recognizing out-of-state marriages and our PAC made sure that this next General Assembly will include more pro-equality legislators than ever before.

But that’s not enough. We’re in this to win marriage equality and nothing less - with your help, we will.

Thanks for all you’ve done in this last year. On behalf of all of us, have a safe, healthy and happy new year!


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