Martha Holt responds to Governor Chafee’s decision to sign the flawed civil union bill

“We are remarkably disappointed in this governor for signing his name to a bill that creates a second class citizenry for thousands of lesbian and gay couples in loving, committed relationships. The injustice of this bill is eloquently captured in the governor’s signing statement, which critiques the bill, particularly for its inclusion of the discriminatory Corvese Amendment. This fundamental unfairness is only magnified by the fact that the governor had to sign this piece of legislation without any fan fare and with next to no one standing beside him.
Make no mistake about it, this bill not only falls short of providing equal rights and protection, but will undoubtedly cause significant harm to same-sex couples in every corner of Rhode Island. This governor had pledged to push for marriage equality legislation and we hope that he will soon return to that commitment and join us in the effort to make it a reality.
While this legislation will provide some rights and benefits to gay and lesbian couples who have been denied them for far too long, only the freedom to marry can guarantee the full measure of recognition and protection that all citizens deserve. We will not stop fighting until the day when all Rhode Islanders are respected and treated equally under the law. We will not stop fighting until marriage equality legislation is finally passed in this state.”


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